Mixital Participation Terms

Last modified: May 24th, 2018

These are Mixital's participation terms: a few rules to follow if you're going to use the site.

(And some legal bits.)

You'll also have to stick to the BBC's terms of use. Read those here.


1. Age.

You have to be 13 or older to use Mixital.

If you're younger than that, you won't be able to sign up. Sorry.

2. Registration.

When you register we'll ask:

  • For your email address
  • If you're over or under 16.

To find out what the BBC does with that information, read our privacy notice here.  You can register through Facebook or just using your email address. You agree to permit the BBC to use credentials provided by them for the purpose of authenticating your login. (Please note that Mixital is not associated or endorsed by any third party social media service. Your use of the external social media service for registration is subject to the terms of the external service including their privacy policies)

If you're between 13 and 15 years old, we'll also ask for:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your parent or guardian's email address.

Then we'll send your parent or guardian an email that tells them how to change what you're allowed to do on the site, like post comments and share your creations.

Until they change those settings, what you're allowed to do depends on how old you are.

Read more about this in our FAQs.

3. Best behaviour.

The greatest thing about Mixital is its friendly and supportive community.

So be kind, respectful and encouraging. You'll fit right in.

Make, share & remix.

4. Using our tools & assets.

You're allowed to make and share creations using the BBC's tools and assets (like images and characters) and those of its partners.

But only you are allowed to use them, and only to make your own creations for Mixital.

5. Our copyright.

Copyright is the law that stops people copying work without permission. The BBC owns the copyright to Mixital's tools and assets, or has permission from its partners to use theirs.

6. Your copyright.

When you make something on Mixital, the copyright for what you've made might belong to you, depending on the rules of copyright law.

But even if it does, the copyright for the tools and assets you've used still belongs to the BBC. And those tools and assets will always be subject to these terms.

7. Your creations.

When you share your creation on Mixital:

  • Other people on Mixital can share, use or remix it also under these terms
  • The BBC may use it at any time and for any purpose. Please note however, that the BBC will not use your creations for production purposes (excluding promotional activity) without first getting your permission in writing.

8. Other people's creations.

These terms also apply when you use, share or remix other people's creations.

9. Misusing tools and assets.

If you use our tools and assets without sticking to these participation terms, we might:

  • Stop you using the BBC's content and other people's creations.
  • Take your creations off the site.

10. Find out more about copyright.

Visit the BBC's copyright aware website, here.

Social media.

11. Sharing on social media.

By sharing your creations on social media, you agree:

  • Only to share them by linking back to Mixital.
  • That your use of social media sites will be subject to the social media site's terms, conditions and licences. They're probably different to ours, and it's your responsibility to stick to them.

Other stuff.

12. Disappearing tools.

We might have to remove tools and assets from the site. This is usually for some editorial or legal reason, or because our right to use them has expired.

If this happens:

  • Creations using that tool or asset will also disappear
  • The tool or asset won't appear in your ‘my stuff' section.

13. Disappearing Mixital.

We might have to shut down Mixital, also for some legal or editorial reason.

If so, we'll try to let you know first. We can't promise, though. It might not be possible.

Things you can't do on Mixital.

14. You can't be offensive.

Expressing your opinion in a way that's polite and fair is encouraged.

Being mean or causing arguments isn't allowed.

We've got people of all ages and backgrounds on Mixital, so please be sensitive when you share a creation or post a comment.

15. You can't be abusive.

Or disruptive. What do we mean by that? This sort of thing:

  • Swearing. Including abbreviations, alternate spellings, and just plain being rude
  • Harassing, threatening, spreading rumours, and upsetting or inconveniencing others
  • Flaming: posting angry or mean-spirited things
  • Trolling or cyberbullying: deliberately making comments to stir up trouble
  • Spamming: posting the same thing or something very similar lots of times
  • Flooding: submitting the same thing to the same place again and again
  • Impersonating other people.

If you think a project or comment breaks these rules, click ‘report'. We'll look into it.

16. You can't advertise.

We don't allow comments that advertise or promote things like this:

  • Personal websites or forums
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Websites or auction sites that mainly exist to sell stuff
  • Charity or fundraising events.

17. You can't share personal details.

Don't give out things that could identify you or someone else to other people, like:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • School names.

It's not safe.
To read more about online safety, read the BBC's guide.

18. You can't break these rules.

If you do especially more than once we might:

  • Restrict your account, or moderate it more closely
  • Shut down your account and ban you from the site.

Deleting your account.

To delete your account:

  1. Sign in.
  2. Click on your username. It's top right on every page.
  3. Then click on ‘Your settings', then ‘Delete my account'

This removes everything except the following details, which the BBC keeps for a period of one year:

  • Your display name
  • Your email address
  • Your IP address.

*And, if you were under 16 when you registered, the BBC will keep the following for a further two years for legal reasons:

  • Your parent or guardian's email address
  • A record of emails we sent to your parent or guardian, and when we sent them
  • A record of any changes they made to Mixital's default settings.

If your creation has been used as part of an onward journey to another site or to the BBC itself, then it may not be possible to identify and so delete it.

*Amended April 2019

Legal Basis

The legal basis on which the BBC processes your personal data is its legitimate interests as a media organisation to include user-generated content in its output

Requests and ICO: 

If you have any questions about how the BBC handles your personal information, or if you wish to contact the BBC to exercise your rights in relation to personal data please contact dpa.officer@bbc.co.uk

If you raise a complaint with the BBC about the way it has handled your personal data and you are dissatisfied with the BBC's response, you are entitled to raise a concern with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) at https://ico.org.uk/concerns/