Privacy Notice

What's this?

It's Mixital's privacy notice. It explains what the BBC does with your personal information when you register and sign in with Facebook.  We will refer to Facebook as an ‘ID provider'.

You can also register and sign in with just your email address.

A thing we have to say.

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act, the BBC are the data controllers.

What data we collect.

When you sign in with an ID provider, we collect your:

  • Username (so we know who to thank!)
  • Email address, (so we can tell you what's been happening on Mixital, like someone commenting on something you've made)
  • Parent or guardian's email address if you are between 13 and 15
  • Date of birth if you are between 13 and 15 (so we can give you the right permissions for your age)
  • Gender (to help us make sure the site is used by all.  Of course, there's no need to tell us your gender if you'd rather not!)
  • IP address (numbers that identify computers, phones and tablets on the internet)

The ID provider might send us some extra information. If so, we delete it straight away.

Why we collect it.

Date of birth - because Mixital's settings depend on your age.

Display name - so we can show it next to your comments and creations.

Email address - to send you notifications. For example: when someone comments on your creation, or when we've moderated something you've done.

IP address - so we can block users who are causing trouble by breaking participation terms.

When we collect it.

Mixital only collects and uses your data when you're signed in.

ID providers' privacy settings.

You don't need to change these to use Mixital.

ID providers' terms, conditions & privacy policies.

Read these before using one to sign up to Mixital they're not the same as ours.

For instance: they might use your data for business purposes.

What you're agreeing to.

By agreeing to this privacy notice, you're confirming that the data we collect from your ID provider is up-to-date and accurate.

We share your personal data with other companies who assist us in providing Mixital. For example, Aerian built and host this site and comScore analyse the performance data We do not allow those companies to use your information for any other purpose.

How long we hold on to your data.

You can read about this in our participation terms.

The BBC's privacy policy.

Anything we haven't mentioned above is covered by the BBC's privacy policy.

Read it here.