What’s Mixital?

It's a BBC website for people who've thought: I could do that.

We've made it easy to create awesome things like visuals and stories - and then share them with the world. If you can use the internet, you can use our tools.

These tools are good. Can I have some more?

Certainly. Our programming gnomes are always working on new tools for the site.  Check back often.

I’ve had an idea. Can I tell you about it?

Yes please.

No need to come to a meeting or anything: just click here to send us a brainwave.

Something's not working. How can I let you know?

Whoops. Sorry about that.

Please tell the gnomes by clicking here. They'll fix it as soon as they can. Thanks!


I’m under 16. Why do you want my parent’s email address?

We email them to say that you’re using Mixital, and to explain what it is.

We also include a link that lets them decide:

  • If you can publish your creations
  • If you can comment on creations, and if others can comment on yours.
  • If there’s anything on the site they don’t want you to see.

Remixing and copying

What is a remix?

A remix is when you tinker with someone else's creation. It's a great way to learn: taking things apart to see how they work.

(Please don't try this with kittens.)

You can remix everything on Mixital.

Inappropriate Content

What do I do if I see something that’s inappropriate?

  1. Tut.
  2. Shake head.
  3. Click the ‘report' button. There's one by every comment and digital make page.

Someone’s up to no good in the comments. What do I do?

Don’t feed the troll. Some people like the attention, so it’s best not to reply.

Click ‘report’ and let our mods handle it instead.

I've seen something I don't like. How can I report it?

You can flag a digital make using the flag icon to the bottom right of the digital make, and you can report comments individually. 

What happens when something’s reported?

We take a look at reported comments and projects every day. If it breaks community guidelines, we might:

  • Remove it
  • Send a warning to the person who posted it
  • Block the account (if it’s really bad, or if we’ve warned them before).


Is the site moderated?


Our mods watch over all the digital makes and comments. We like to keep things friendly.

Parental settings (under 16 only)

What can parents change about how under 16s use the site?

Parents can decide if their children are able to:

  1. Publish their creations
  2. Comment on other people's creations, and receive comments on theirs
  3. See creations that haven't been moderated.

If parents don't change anything:

  • Everyone can do 1 and 2
  • People over 15 can do  3

Ten Pieces FAQ

How do I make a screen recording on a Mac?

The easiest way to record a Mac's screen is by using Quicktime. Launch the application, click the File option in the menu bar and select New Screen Recording. Other options include Jing, Screen Recorder Robot Lite and Monosnap.

More options can be found by searching the internet.

How do I make a screen recording on Windows?

There are many free tools available to make a screen recording on Windows, including Screenr, Rylstim Screen Recorder, CamStudio and ScreenCapturer.

Other options are available by searching the internet.

Writersroom: The Script Gym

How do I copyright my work?

The copyright of all scripts sent to the BBC rests with the writer – you do not need to formally copyright work before you send it in to us. 

All works must be the original work of the user and must not infringe the rights of any other party. The BBC accepts no liability if users ignore these rules and users agree to fully indemnify the BBC against any claims by any third party arising from any breach of these rules. 

Will the BBC read my scripts?

The BBCWritersroom team will set you challenges each month, but the BBC will not be involved in reading or giving notes.

How will the BBC use my script?

The BBC will not use your script for any production purposes, excluding promotional activity, without first getting your permission in writing.

Fan Fiction

Will the BBC read my stories?

The Mixital team will set you challenges regularly, but the BBC will not be involved in reading or giving notes.

How will the BBC use my story?

The BBC and Mixital will not use your story for any production purposes, excluding promotional activity, without first getting your permission in writing.