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Try Writing A Monologue

Characters speak all the time in scripts but have you ever tried penning an internal or external monologue?

To coincide with The Break II, five drama shorts by up-and-coming writers featuring powerful monologues, we wanted to invite you to try your hand at writing a scene for just one person.

The Break is a collaboration between BBC Writersroom, BBC Drama Productions and BBC Three - episodes will be released every Sunday over the next four weeks. You can watch the series premiere "Tits" here

Here are our top tips for writing a monologue:

Think of a hook or an exciting incident to get your character's speech going. What are they talking about and who are they talking to? What has moved them to speak on this subject?

What is the journey that the character is going on? What are they talking through? You can think about their starting point and their ending point and see if you can create a moment of realisation or a big reveal. Can you wrap their issue up by the end of the monologue so that you have a beginning, a middle and an end?

What they are experiencing and feeling and what in the past has led to this point? The more specific choices you make about the character and situation before you write, the better!

You can also think about your character's voice: Is there a particular pattern to their speech which is informed by their age, where they are from or their background? 

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