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By Mixital
Write A Video Script: What You’re Passionate About

Would you love to make your own videos about things that matter to you? One of the best places to start is by writing a script for your film. Once you have a script you'll know what you want to happen in it. And you'll also know what you need to plan, who you need to be in it, the locations, the props, everything needed to make your video as close to what you're imagining as possible.

If you're not sure what topic to feature you can start by sharing something you're passionate about. It might be a skill you're great at (or trying to be great at!), something you're trying to achieve, the sport you do, the music you love, or even a scene you're part of, anything that's totally yours!

When you're talking about something you're really into, you'll be enthusiastic and knowledgeable and you'll also have a personal slant to share. These are some of the ingredients of a really watchable video.

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Marc Christie is a stand up comic in Aberdeen and has shared his passion for stand up with The Social, watch his video below for inspiration:

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