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By Mixital
Troy Fan Art: Challenge Tips & Images

Troy is the epic story of love and war, intrigue and betrayal currently running on BBC One. Join our Fan Art challenge.

Challenge: Capture the excitement of the story or feature your favourite character.

At the BBC our BBC social media team creates images to promote Troy across social media, like the image below. 

Are you creative? Have a go yourself and if something catches the BBC social media team's eye they might feature it on their social media feeds too. If they do, they'll be in touch to give feedback and advice.

Create something yourself or use some of the images below as a starting point. 


Our Top Tips To Create Great Fan Art

  • Grab attention - Try and make your image stand out. On social media lots of content is scrolled past quickly so creating a grabby image will help it stand out to the BBC Content Social Team. There are lots of ways to do this, for example faces and bright colours catch the eye.
  • Use text to get your message across - An image says a thousand words, but sometimes just a few words add an extra focus to what you're trying to say. If you're going to add some text use a good looking font that suits the image. There are lots of great free tools available for putting text onto social media images, a search will suggest some for you.
  • Pick or create a dramatic moment which says something about the show, the character or the plot so that your fan art brings alive the excitement you enjoy in the show for others.
  • Use your own style - whether you're able to show off your creative flare through drawing, painting, digital editing skills or even genre mashing, bringing something of yourself to your fan art will really help to make it stand out.
  • Here are some great examples of Doctor Who fan art for inspiration.

Join the Troy Fan Art Community and share your pictures with the BBC social media team for a chance to get featured on their social media channels!

Grab the images below for inspiration or to get started with your Troy fan art - depending on what device you're on you can right click and "save image", or simply select the image and save it. There are more Troy images here too.