ArticlesThe Social: From Script to Video (part #4)

The Social: From Script to Video (part #4)

The Social Script Kit allows you to write a script and share it with the community.

Here are some scripts from the hilarious 6 part series 'They'...

They | Episode 1

Created by Asten Holmes-Elliott, 'They' is a six webisode series following the story of Steph, a trans woman, and Cam who identifies as non-binary as they are thrust into each other's orbits through their shared role as nightclub cloakroom attendants. 

In the first episode Steph gets a nasty shock when an apparently new colleague, Cam, turns up to start their first shift. The point of having this soul destroying job was to avoid conversation with anyone, especially queer crusader chat like Cam's..

Read the script here

They | Episode 2

Steph finds Cam's earnest, albeit sometimes naive, queer chat irritating, but is she hiding something? 

In this second episode of 'They' Steph is having a coat crisis, Cam is having an identity crisis. Despite Steph's protests, Cam rants about their gender-queer status, gender neutral pronouns and their trans pal Rex.

Find the script script here