ArticlesThe Social: From Script to Video (part #2)

The Social: From Script to Video (part #2)

The Social Script Kit allows you to write a script and share it with the community. Here are more scripts that have made the journey from idea to film..

Record Shopping

Hannah from the Van T's is record shopping in Glasgow! Her favourite record has to be Melted by Ty Segall. It was the first time she heard a band from the naughties that used that fuzzy and overdriven sound. Without this record, it's safe to say the Van T's might have never discovered their sound and style. 

Record Shopping features artists talking about their favourite music - in record shops around Scotland. It's a music lover's wet dream!

Read the script here

When Girls Go To The Pyschic | Psychic Cinnamon

Would you love the be able to predict the future? Now with the help of our resident psychic, you can! Psychic Cinnamon is scarily accurate when it comes to predicting personal futures. She can tell you everything about your life - from your love life to your career, to how many children you're going to have. She's not vague or woolly at all... give her a visit and find out what the future holds.

Read Psychic Cinnamon's script here