ArticlesThe Social: From Script to Video (part #1)

The Social: From Script to Video (part #1)

The Social Script Kit allows you to write a script and share it with the community. Here are scripts that have made the journey from idea to film..

Shetland Life

Marjolein is a comedian from Shetland - a Scottish island known for it's tiny horses, and being quite remote. Marjolein wants to share some of her favourite words from Shetland with you. For example, in some parts of Scotland, a 'pilly' means a pillow, whereas in Shetland, a pilly means... well... it means 'a man's appednage'. Don't get those two muddled up. 

Read the script here

Into It!

Red is a Scottish singer songwriter who went from singing Steps tunes using the remote control as her mic to the Xfactor! In this film she talks about performing from the age of two, where her passion comes from and why she feels most at home on the stage.

Read Red's script here