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By Mixital
Gold Rush Game Maker Paper Prototyping Kit

Making games is great fun - the best way to get going is with simple pen and paper. Prototyping with paper is widely used in the games industry. It is a combination of sketching and arranging ideas that can be immediately play tested.

The Gold Rush Game Maker Prototyping Kit is a PDF that contains all the major characters, platforms and objects from the game. These can be cut out and used to represent the items within a paper version of the game idea.

Here's what to do:

1. Download the PDF

2. Print and cut out the required characters from the PDF

3. Within your team come up with a first game idea to test

4. Arrange the paper objects to represent the game. This may involve drawing arrows and writing instructions

5. Ensure that you come up with a simple objective for the game but with challenging obstacles or puzzles

6. Play test the paper game

7. If you see improvements that could work, test them out

8. If you feel you have a good level for your game - take a photo so it is preserved

9. Head to a computer or tablet to build the game on the Gold Rush Game Maker

Sometimes a game idea will work brilliantly first time. Sometimes it may need a tweak. Feel free to go back to paper prototyping at any point during the process - it will help with trying to quickly experiment with new ideas.

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