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By Mixital
EastEnders - Mobile Maker

With the new Mobile Maker you can create your very own EastEnders stories in minutes. Just go to EastEnders Soap Factory on your mobile phone to get started.


Simple steps

  • It's really easy, just click "New Story" and select a template.
  • Click on an empty space to add characters and then click on the speech bubbles to give them something to say.
  • Feeling lucky? Click "Mix it up" and the Mobile Maker will drop in some random characters and quotes for you to play with.
  • To add more scenes click on the add button - bottom right - and you will move to the next part of your story.
  • To preview your story hit the play button - top right - or rotate your device to watch the magic unfold.
  • Finally click on the menu - top left - and hit "Save" to save your work - or "Publish" to share your masterpiece with the world.

Create and share your very own EastEnders stories.