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By Mixital
How to: Add a character

An EastEnders story without characters is like Mick Carter without his trademark pink dressing gown.

Follow this simple guide to adding characters to your EastEnders story and you will gain all the skills you need to be a master storyteller.

Step 1: Click Add 

Click the add button in the bottom right of the Soap Factory screen and then click on "CHARACTERS".


Step 2: Click on a character 

Select the character you would like to take part in your EastEnders story.


Step 3: Customise your character

Click "FACE" to tweak your character's facial expression or "BODY" to choose the way they stand.


Step 4: Strike a pose

Select the way you want your character to stand. And click "BACK" to get to character menu


Step 5: Add your character to the scene

Click "BACK" again, or anywhere on the background, to add your character to the scene.


That's it. Congratulations for adding your first character.

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