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Getting Started With Harry Potter-Style Stories

When you've got a story you want to publish there's just a couple of further things to think about.


Is it original? It's good to re-mix ideas. That's what Mixital is all about. But remember to change and re-imagine the characters and stories to create your own. Please don't infringe anyone else's copyright (including JK Rowling's!) and check the BBC Terms of Use if you're unsure [link to Section 17]. 

If youbear these things in mind you'll be on the right track;

  • Only submit content that you've created yourself
  • Make sure it's original
  • Only upload it if you're happy to share it

Many of us create copyright all the time, mostly without even knowing it, and use other people's copyright everyday. Whether it's taking a photo on your phone, uploading a video to social media or submitting your story here on BBC Mixital, you have created copyright. Use copyright respectfully and know that your copyright needs to be respected too! To find out more about copyright and how it protects your creativity as well as other people's, visit



Mixital is a friendly and supportive place. So when writing or making comments please be kind,respectful and encouraging. Give praise and constructive criticism. It's not easy to put your work out there so please encourage your fellow writers. It's great to get praise for your work, but sometimes even better to receive constructive criticism. Please take a look at Mixital's Terms and Conditions.

Further Learning

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