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Teachers' resources - Play based activities

You can teach your pupils coding and game making skills through play. These short, fun, standalone activities, from Digital Schoolhouse, can be dropped into any number of lessons - whether you are a computing teacher or not. 

Cat On Yer Head Crowd Game

Cat On Yer Head ( is a crowd game that aims to teach key games design principles using unplugged techniques. 

Making Faces: Playdough Programming

Have you ever tried to teach programming using playdough? Suitable for all ages, this activity will bring playful fun to your computing lessons.

The Board Game - Code Kingdoms 

This game can be played with multiple players, and is a great way to introduce pupils to algorithmic thinking and other key computational thinking skills. 

Paint by Pixels

Playing on the popular paint by numbers game this activity enables pupils to 'see' and manipulate bits and pixels to create their own graphics.

Computational Word Games: Word Sneak

The game is a fun activity that can be used not just with random words for fun but also words that cover key computing concepts.


Jazzy Jigsaws

This activity, developed in collaboration with Code Kingdoms, takes this well loved game further by building in opportunities to develop Computational Thinking skills.

Nifty Networks

This activity involves turning your pupils into computers and your class into a giant network! We call it the ‘Nifty Network'.

The Computational Thinking Duck

Suitable for all age groups, this activity helps cover key computing and computational thinking concepts such as: algorithms and algorithm design, abstraction, evaluation, logical reasoning and many more.