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Contains Strong Language: FLANEUR

Poet and performer Harry Giles wants YOU to get creative with words. The challenge is to help celebrate 'Contains Strong Language' with writing about unexpected journeys around your own home. Harry's made a simple little game called FLANEUR that will take you on an adventure to write about. Share your words, and each day Harry will be sharing some of the pieces in video form. What is FLANEUR? Keep reading...


FLANEUR is a game for taking a random adventure and helping you to write about it. When you choose your options and click the FLANERIFY button, you will be given a list of randomly-generated instructions to follow: places to go, things to notice, and new ways of experiencing your world.

You can choose a FLANEUR to suit your own interests and abilities, so  everyone can find an adventure that suits . Do you want to explore your room, your street, or your whole city? 

At the end of your instructions, FLANEUR will ask you to write a poem. Don't be frightened! You don't have to have ever written a poem before, and it doesn't need to be fancy. If you feel stuck, try just writing five or six lines about the different things you can see, hear or smell. It's all about paying attention. FLANEUR will give you your instructions, but doesn't know who you are or where you're going, so use your own judgement. If you end up somewhere you don't like, if you ignore or disobey an instruction, if you stop when you need to, FLANEUR will not be offended. We recommend that you both take yourself to unexpected places and look after your own limits.

FLANEUR uses lots of different verbs for lots of different bodies. All people will encounter an instruction that doesn't fit them and their body. If FLANEUR asks you to do something that is impossible for you to do, it would be delighted it if you interpreted through your own body, because discovery, disobedience and improvisation are the heart of a good adventure, and a good poem.


Harry Giles

Harry Giles / Aitch is a Scottish writer and performer. Harry has featured in the SPILL National Platform, toured North America and given feature performances at venues from the Bowery Poetry Club to the Soho Theatre.

The Hull '17 are an ensemble of exciting and innovative poets, commissioned to create new work which will be premiered in the city during the festival.