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By Mixital
Five Principles Of Animation

Have you ever wondered how people get started with animation? Andy Needle, animator and crazy brain behind the BBC Three series Wolf Jenkins and co-creator of Channel 4's Comedy Blap The Art Of Foley, filmed his top animation tips for us to help you on your way!

1. Just start by doing anything!

You'll be closer to having something to show to someone else once you've started.

2. Draw what you want to see...

...even if that's a character that's half dog chew, or a passive aggressive ankle sock!

3. It's time consuming

The longer you have to put into your animations the better they'll be. You'll have to make time to do it, unless you're going to live forever.

4. Use what you can

You'll need a laptop and a microphone, but you don't need particularly fancy kit.

5. Keep Going! 

You'll hate what you do at some point, all animators do, but the worst thing to do is stop.

To create your own super-easy animation and get a taste of what's possible, try out our Wolf Jenkins storyteller and then share them with your mates!

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