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Feed your creativity

Stuck for ideas? Inspiration rarely strikes when you're sitting at a desk, staring at a blank wall or aimlessly trawling the internet. Here are our top tips to feed your creativity and get yourself out of a creative rut.

1. Try something new

We're all creatures of habit. We find things we love and settle into happy routines. But if you want to jolt yourself out of a creative rut you're going to have to hunt out new experiences. If you're useless at art, paint a picture; try listening to someone who has a different perspective to you; or visit a museum you think you might hate. Any of these things will give your brain a creative shake - and help great ideas fall out.

2. Set your mind and hands free

Thinking hurts! If your creativity feels like it's dried up, offer ideas an escape route. The artist Julia Cameron starts each day with morning pages, committing to writing three pages of whatever enters her head each morning. No matter if it's nonsense, it gives the mind a little creative free run first thing. Another technique is to draw what you're thinking or feeling. You'll access a different part of your brain and you might find an unexpected solution to a creative block.

3. Take risks and expect to fall flat sometimes

The biggest killer of creativity is our fear of being wrong. This belief limits our creativity. To generate truly bold and original ideas, you've got to be brave and experiment and try new things. None of this happens if you're trying to play safe, so see failure as a badge of honour. Commit to taking some risks and consider any time, money or energy spent on a howling flop a brilliant creative investment.

4. Be ready

Great ideas strike at the craziest times; on a run, in the shower, in the middle of the night or on a Saturday evening, when you're out having fun with friends. Try to capture the magic when it happens. Keep an ideas journal, capture images and notes on your phone, or record your thoughts as it happens. Do whatever feels most comfortable, and make sure you can find them easily when it's time to get to work.

5. There's no need to be lonely

Our ideas are precious to us. It's normal to want to protect them from judgment or interference until they feel perfect and ready for the world to see, but letting other people help you can transform a so-so idea into a masterpiece. Pixar's story meetings gather their brightest minds in the early stages of scripting a film to offer criticism and help build on the best bits. Why not get a group of people you trust together to help you?

6. Have fun and think freely

It's easy to see all the reasons why an idea might not work. Coming up with ideas should be fun, so keep the judging and criticizing out of early idea generation and give even the craziest ideas consideration before you start the process of deciding which ones you want to develop further. If you love an idea you'll fight hard to iron out any problems.

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