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By Mixital
Script Gym - Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Writersroom Script Gym. Here are a few community guidelines to consider when making comments or publishing your scripts on the website.

Making and receiving comments

Please review and comment on each other's work and give praise and constructive criticism. It's not easy to put your work out there so please encourage your fellow writers.

It's great to get praise for your work, but sometimes even better to receive criticism! Please thank commenters for taking the time to read your script and comment on it.


Please spell-check your script before you publish it on the Writersroom Script Gym. Most word processing programs included a spell-check feature and there are several websites where you can spell-check your work.

Have a read of, Writersroom Development Producer, Abigail Fonda's, blog on spelling mistakes.


Make sure you go through your script thoroughly checking for grammar mistakes and other small errors. 

When you are writing 'in the moment', mistakes may creep in. Read through your work or get a friend to give you a hand.

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