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Class: Character profiles

Find out all about the characters in the Doctor Who spin-off series, Class. The teenagers Charlie, Ram, April, Tanya, Matteusz and their teacher, Miss Quill.


April MacLean

Kind, compassionate and dependable, April might not be the coolest girl in school but she would certainly be the best friend you could have. 

The teachers love her - but she's a lone ranger and her classmates think she's a try-hard.

Always looking on the bright side of things, April might seem like she's just "nice", but deep down she's a real fighter, battling a difficult home life and a tragic past.


Ram Singh

Ram has it all he's popular, handsome, a talented footballer, he's got the Queen Bee girlfriend.

If only his dad Varun would get off his back once in a while and let him enjoy it…

He's the Coal Hill heartthrob and he knows it so he's very reluctant to ruin his street cred by hanging out with the geeks in Miss Quill's class.

But underneath this perfect front, Ram is harbouring some demons


Tanya Adeola

Bright spark Tanya is always ahead of the game so ahead that she's skipped three school years at Coal Hill to take her A-Levels early.

She might be younger than the rest of the gang, but she's a Physics genius with sharp-eyed perception.

Although she's clever, secretly Tanya finds it difficult to fit in with the older students who don't always understand her


Matteusz Andrzejewski

Having grown up in Poland, Matteusz might be an outsider, but he certainly knows more about fitting in than Charlie. 

Witty, sarcastic, and with firm moral beliefs, Matteusz is a rock of support for Charlie, who in turn is a comfort to him.

But it's not an easy ride for the handsome couple, and Matteusz' deeply religious parents struggle to come to terms with his sexuality.


Miss Quill

Severe, sharp and hard as nails Miss Quill isn't someone you'd want to cross. She's witty, cutting and cruel and she doesn't like being the Physics teacher at Coal Hill.

She was once the leading terrorist for the Quill Resistance back on the planet Rhodia and Charlie's arch enemy.

But Quill was forced to have an alien creature live inside her brain and telepathically link her to Charlie as his servant, she was exiled to London and is now sworn to protect him.



Ruthless, merciless Corakinus is the King of the Shadow Kin an alien race that inhabits a dark realm, a place underneath the universe that looks down upon them. 

Fearless warriors, the Shadow Kin believe that they should never have been born in a universe of light, and are hell-bent on extinguishing all light from the world by covering it in shadow.

Invading in secret, they are able to exist as pure shadow, living unnoticed and untouchable in yours and can only be killed if you are.