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By Mixital
Create a Monster Character!

Have you ever wanted to play Dr Frankenstein and create your own monster, at least on the page anyway? We invite you to flex your monster muscles and introduce your own monstrous creation into your fanfiction stories to share here on Mixital!

Monsters are a regular feature of many sci-fis and magical worlds. The introduction of a new monster is really the introduction of a new character which the audience will get to know over time and which introduces all sorts of creative opportunities for writers! 

Here are our top tips for introducing a new monster:

  • All monsters need a name so come up with something that's perhaps alien-sounding, scary or exciting. Or go the other way and give them a really ordinary name that contrasts how unfamiliar they are to us common humans.

  • Decide what type of creature it is. Perhaps it'll be something we're familiar with, a vampire, a werewolf, a witch or wizard, or even a manifestation... Or maybe it'll be something totally of your own creation! Think about who can see it, everyone? Or even creepier, just you?!

  • Describe your monster's appearance. Is it scaly, winged, furry? Friendly looking, terrifying or invisible? Remember, appearances can also be deceiving! You can play with how human your monster looks too. Giving it some resemblance to a human may make readers relate to it in one way, but for example taking away vital human characteristics like the eyes will likely give it a brilliant tension because it will look familiar and alien at the same time.

  • Imagine where it's from and where it lives now.

  • Write a profile for your new monster. You know, ASL! Think about what they look like, what their personality is like, what their abilities strengths and weaknesses are etc. What would its Top Trump card say? How would it describe itself on a dating website?! Find a way that entertains you and describe it for yourself so that you get to know it better.

  • See if you can draw your monster!

  • Think about who it's friends and enemies are in your fandom.

  • Consider why your monster has appeared in your story. Are they a manifestation of your lead character's fears? How do they match your hero? Think about your main character's issues and life and what your monster will cause to happen. A monster can be a great way to create unusual relationships and conflicts, and also reflect your reader's fears through symbolism. If your monster symbolises something like a specific fear, think about whether you might use personification (or lending human characteristics to non-human things) to make them more relatable to people.

  • Think about how you're going to reveal your new monster to your audience. Very often, particularly in horror stories, monsters are only revealed bit by bit so that you don't give too much away all in one go. This helps to create suspense, interest and tension!

  • Remember that monsters don't always have to be bad. Particularly in childrens' stories monsters are often friendly, caring and help us to look at things in a different way.

  • And finally, don't miss the opportunity to use the phrase "I've created a monster!" once you're done!