Welcome to Mixital

Mixital's a place for getting ideas out of your head and into the world.

We've made it easy to create and share things like visuals and stories - and to learn the ropes by remixing other people's.

The tools are simple. The results are awesome.



Mixital's a BBC site that turns players and viewers into creators. 

We've designed easy-to-use tools for young people over 13 years old to make and share things like visuals and stories.

We were inspired by research.

Academics have found that what young people do in their own time is just as important as what they do in school. It's how they find the things they love to do.

It's those things that they can develop into hobbies. And, eventually, into jobs.

It's all about building confidence through simple steps. They'll:

  1. Watch and play other people's creations.
  2. Tinker with those creations to learn how they work.
  3. Create and share their own.

And they'll socialise in the comments. Our makers are a friendly, encouraging bunch.

(We've got moderators to make sure of that: read more about them in our FAQs)